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There are twelve constellations in the Solar Zodiac. The parts of the year are divided by these twelve constellations which rise with the Sun.

  1. Enba the Rat
  2. Elixus the Cat
  3. Shaer the Healer
  4. Oobiscus the Foxweir
  5. Eghorus the Rooster
  6. Ina D'Xus the Warrior
  7. Orcipus the Pig
  8. Falinea the Centaur
  9. Ma'Taline the Mystic
  10. Detros the Ruknee
  11. Awjus and Hamusa the Shredders
  12. Josephus the Ancient

There are many disciplines concerning the zodiacs. Many interpretations have been recorded over the centuries and the divisions are usually tied to the local beliefs. Some ancient texts claim that the Sun created the Solar Zodiac to convey the story of creation. It plots progression of thought and consciousness from the beginning of time to the end.

There have been rumors of a Lunar and Terrestrial Zodiac as well, but the tomes that contain this knowledge have been lost or hidden.

Some of the 'brion brothers have shown an interest in the constellations and have utilized the power of the Solar Zodiac to command the planes of existence?.

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