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Ma'Taline the Mystic is one of the twelve constellations found in the Solar Zodiac. Ma'Taline the Mystic symbolizes learning and knowing.

In local mythology, Ma'Taline became so smart she rivaled even the Sun and the Earth in the art of creation. Ma'Taline made a deal with the Moon to become like the Sun, to show the Moon that which she could not see. When Ma'Taline tried to leave her cave, Detros the Ruknee stood in wait at the entrance. Seasons passed, and when the Spring tides rose, the cave would fill with water. Ma'Taline tried to swim out the other side, but was taken away by The Shredders, never to return.

Ma'Taline the Mystic is the ninth constellation of the Solar Zodiac. The opposite sign of Ma'Taline the Mystic is Shaer the Healer.

Ma'Taline the Mystic is associated with the Mental Plane.

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