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Shaer the Healer is one of the twelve constellations found in the Solar Zodiac. Shaer the Healer symbolizes the will and caring.

In ancient mythology, when the Moon gave a piece of herself to the Earth, the piece landed on Shaer's house. The Moon was unaware of what she had done because she could not see the lightened side of the Earth. Shaer picked up a shard of the Moon and began waving it over his neighbor's wounds to show the Moon what she had done. Sympathetic to the fallen children, as the shard passed over the wounds they began to heal. The Earth's children all cheered Shaer and for all his life he never knew loneliness.

It is Lugubrion's zodiac sign and it is associated with the water and the spiritual planes. Shaer the Healer is a water cardinal sign and protector of the eastern skies.

People born under this sign are stubborn but very sympathetic. Shaer the Healer is the third sign of the Solar Zodiac. The opposite sign of Shaer the Healer is Mataline the Mystic?.

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