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If you spend any time in Puddleby at all, the first thing you will realize is this: we love our beer! We also love moonshine?/wine/stout but at the heart of it all, nothing is more traditional nor more Puddlebean than a simple. refreshing mug of beer. It is very hard to define the properties of a good beer in our town. Generally, if you fall over after only a mug or two, it's good. Having exiles fall willy-nilly to excessive drinking is the highest accolade a brewer can recieve.

Darshak also love Puddlebean beer. Keep a mug or keg in your pack at all times; it may be useful in bribing them to let you go, if you happen to get kidnapped during an invasion.

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Page last modified on March 19, 2009, at 06:02 PM