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Channeling Earthpower is a special ability that Champions can develop. It allows them to focus earthpower through various minerals to enhance their abilities in combat.

There are two inter-related aspects of Channeling.

1) The strength of the power source
Earthpower comes only from Channel Master training.

In the past, a fraction of a Champion's Fell training contributes to the Earthpower of the Champion akin to the way training with the Gossamer grants a Ranger some insight into the nature of targets similar to the teachings of Duvin, but after it was realized that the method of inlaying earth minerals into the blade was causing imperfections in tell blades? and fell blades, the change in metallurgical techniques made it impossible to use the weapons as an adjunct channeling tool.

2) The ability with each of the minerals to tap into this power
Wearing an earthstone pauldron or holding an Earth Mineral stone allows a Champion to apply their earthpower to meaningful physical effect. Basic earthpower channeling exercises are performed with a held mineral, and one must travel to a somewhat private smithy in the passes to learn how to channel using a pauldron-mounted stone.

In the past, each earth mineral had a specialist trainer who taught highly specialized techniques applicable to only one stone, but advances in our understanding of the internal structure of the stones and the training methods used have made this unnecessary, leading Ittum, Dansel, Hrickum, Hwack to retire. Originally, one rank of training with one of the minerals allows a Champion to tap into four ranks worth of Earthpower.

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