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The Elithren are a very graceful and noble race. They normally live in the forests and prefer to build their houses in the tops of trees, without damaging them. Elithren love trees and would not hurt a tree without a very good reason. Rumours say that some of them even can communicate with trees. As they live in harmony with nature, they hate if anything disturbs that harmony. They are very famous healers and their knowledge about nature makes them very good mages. Due to their weak looking bodies most other races (especially the Drakh Nor) underestimate their fighting abilities. The various Elithren cultures generally have no contact with other races, some groups do not even have contact with other groups of Elithren. Their talents are not focused on one specific area, but they excel in all arts and professions. So there is a good variety of Elithren fighters, healers and mages in the world. Elithren are famous for their arts. They have written many famous poems and ballads and created many sculptures and paintings. They call themselves “Children of the sun” and live in harmony with nature. The Elithren strongly dislike the Urdar. Many wars have been fought between these races and it is very unusual that Elithren and Urdar fight together as a team.

  • Wood Elithren: The Tau’ron, as they are called in the Elithren language, live in big ancient woods. They live in harmony with nature and use its powers. They nearly have no contact with other races.
  • Ice Elithren: The Rh’ing are the strangest culture of the Elithren. They live isolated in the cold and icy parts of the lands. Their culture differs, partly due to the harsh environment they life in, very strongly from the other Elithren cultures. There are more fighters among them than in the other Elithren cultures.
  • High Elithren: The Luar are the oldest culture of the Elithren. There are very few of them wandering through the lands these days. The focus of their lives is knowledge. They collect ancient books, old myth and similar things. Most of them a very powerful mages.
  • Grass Elithren: The Par’th live in the grasslands. They are the only Elithren that have frequent contacts to other races, as they life often very close to the settlements of Honestu and Hamini.
  • Moon Elithren: The It’hil are a special group of Elithren. They are called the “Children of the moon” and have been fighting against the “Children of the sun” for ages.
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