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Puddleby was first introduce to the female Thoom Skirwan when an odd rift appeared in town leading to a variety of strange locales; one such destination was the small town of Friendship (slogan: Friendship means Amity!) which was at that point being terrorized by an unusually large and vicious Megamouth. Skirwan was among the citizenry running about the beach in terror.

Although the rift soon closed, it would not be Puddleby's first encounter with the female Thoom Skirwan; she was later found dead in a deep hole in the fairgrounds, apparently a victim of foul play. The male Ghorak Zo Skirwan, then a recent recruit to the Puddleby Police Department, vowed to avenge his namesake and bring her killer to justice. It is unclear whether that actually happened, though it has been suggested that the male Ghorak Zo Skirwan just forgot about it.

Skirwan seems to have eventually recovered from her near-fatal ordeal, as she was later a member of the construction crew brought in to fill and cap the large hole created in East Field by the final of a series of powerful Harbingers that attacked Puddleby. She vanished following the completion of the sun-emblem capstone.

Skirwan's location is unknown at this time, though the male Ghorak Zo Skirwan has claimed variously that he is contact with her, that she is a higher-planar spirit and is in fact everywhere, that she is on vacation, and that one can summon her by extinguishing all lights and repeating 'Skirwan' three times in front of a mirror. The male Ghorak Zo Skirwan is not widely regarded as a reliable source on this subject.

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