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A Thoom warrior. K'Pyn was one of the finest warriors to walk the lands. He was also one of the oldest. First exiled in the period before the event known as the Great Forgetting, K'Pyn has the distinction of being the first known Thoom to take up the sword instead of the Moonstone. Despite gainsayers, he proved that both he himself, and other members of his race were just as capable fighters as any other, going on to become the first fighter granted a ledger by Evus.

Together with Mystic Healer? and Jo Ma'ril, K'Pyn helped found the Zodiac Tribe in the days before the Great Forgetting. When Mystic Healer departed from the lands, that group languished, and following the Ripture war K'Pyn helped establish the Puddlebean Ornithological Society. K'Pyn later withdrew from the Society for personal reasons, and became a member of the Brotherhood of Independents, subsequently joining the Antiscian Tribe.

Prior to the Ripture War, K'Pyn was known as Kingpin.

HWC K'Pyn has passed away and will be missed. Exiles placed a statue in his memory in the Memorial Garden located east of the Castle Alliance enclosure.

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