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The lava cloak is a Champion Tool, woven from a thread made of Lava Beetle. Until this thread has been briefly submerged in lava, it has a dull, smouldering appearance. After it makes contact, the dormant greys erupt into a magma orange, and retain that colour from that point on. A certain amount of Toomeria is required to do this though.

The lava cloak is used by Champions to catch creatures in the near vicinity ablaze. The more a Champion has trained with Vala Loack, the hotter the flames burn. How long each blaze from the cloak lasts is dependent mostly on the number of creatures and how tightly they are crowded.

The lava cloak is powered by personal earthpower, as taught by Toomeria.

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Page last modified on January 19, 2015, at 07:55 PM