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A small clearing located to the north of Puddleby. There is some evidence of attempts at farming the North Field, but the number of vermine and other beasts that infest the place make this an all but impossible task.

Located on the east end of the North Field is Arbordale, the treehouse housing complex, and to the north-east is the Bard Field. In the center of the Field is a flower covered grave dedicated to "Fred the Rat" - a loyal but tiny companion of the well known bouncing fen Tigger. Fred appeared one day after the mischevious Jouneyman Mystic Rincewind tied a lump of cheese to Tigger's tail one day while he was enjoying a siesta. Attracted by the odour of the cheese, Fred followed Tigger everywhere he went but unfortunately eventually perished without ever getting to eat the cheese as Tigger never even knew it was there. After Fred died, Tigger buried his tiny companion in this small grave in the north field.

To the east of the North Field is the East Field, to the north is the Orchard, and to the north-west is the Myrm Highlands.

Every four years, around Bawkmas time, a Snowy Grove appears on the west side of the North Field.

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