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Shieldstone Rings were first discovered on Gungla Island, and given to Puddlebians by one of the locals. They can only be used and obtained by Fighters. Two trainers for the shieldstone have been discovered- one of them increases its efficiency and the other increases its duration. Subclassed fighters also have additional trainers that help their shieldstone use.

When activated, shieldstones repel monsters away from their wearer. Exiles use this ability to push monsters away from them, so as to prevent themselves from getting hurt or to clear an exit.

When they were first discovered, shieldstones were used to push creatures (or other exiles, in player vs. player areas) into other exiles intentionally. This aggressive use of the shieldstone was very powerful, as it forced monsters to swing out. Monsters in this weakened state were often very easy to hit, and weak exiles often brought a shieldstone user with them in lieu of more traditional accuracy enhancements.

During Summer, 563, exiles encountered an escaped Sarir by the name of Sarahia. According to Melabrion, she was "lost," but encounters with her suggested that she was in hiding. She was interested in finding a source of earthpower to test the effectiveness of a shieldstone she had appropriated. Once one was found, Sarahia held the shieldstone, siphoning the earth's power until there was a sudden, visible surge of energy across the lands. Soon thereafter, her shieldstone emitted bursts of energy, painfully burning those nearby. Sarahia fled, but was eventually caught and returned with her shieldstone to Melabrion, who suspected she might have altered it. When the next Chaos Storm struck, shieldstones no longer caused creatures to swing uncontrollably.

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