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Stylunk is a male Ghorak Zo who has yet to choose a profession. He is most often found sitting around town center criticizing the clothing choices of his fellow exiles.

He has recently become involved with the StickLord News Network?, the producers of which felt that his emphasis on style over substance made him the perfect news anchor.

Out of Character

The character named Stylunk is essentially a bad joke that got out of hand. Stylunk is primarily a tool used for simulating the results of dyes and bleaches on various types of clothing, and can be downloaded here. The name is a reference to previous tools that performed the same job: originally there was Stylus, with the icon of a male human trainer; followed by Stylos, with a Thoom icon. Skirwan felt that the next logical icon was a Ghorak Zo, and that the most appropriate name for a stylish Ghorak Zo was Stylunk. Skirwan still thinks it's funny .

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