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Formerly the sole variety of dispersal units of the Lok'Groton's giant mushrooms, spores are a useful alchemical ingredient. When combined with a bottle of water and an uli flower, spores can make a Red Healing Potion capable of healing both the standing and the fallen.

For better or for worse, mutated spores were spread from a hole in the Cloud and caused the giant mushrooms of Puddleby to mutate.

Spores can be found in the following places:

• Town Mushroom Hut (mutated spores)

• Underneath the Undine Hut (mutated spores)

• Cloud (mutated spores)

• Foothills "safe cave" (off of snell #20) (regular spores?

• Myrm hive (where specifically?)

• Underground Puddleby, in the southern mushroom patch in the southern 'maze' towards alliance castle (regular spores)

• Casino (regular spores)

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