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Due to a lack of clan participation, smaller clans were paired together into 3 main teams: yellow, blue, and red. E'las Loth'mon Ferindril also attended for 2 rounds, represented solely by their Agratis clicker. Three rounds of the event were played, in which all 3 were won by the yellow team. The yellow teams domination was due in part to great strategy, as well as location and excellent use of all team components, even and especially the Mystic Org Du Lac. Locating by Salazar on the blue team made it impossible to hide from their dispatched mercenary Noivad, who gave the red team much trouble. The red teams troubles also included the killing of their own Agratis, and Kalian, who easily slipped through the defenders line and slayed the Agratis in the 2nd round. Near the end of 3rd round, the red team (after being eliminated) made an alliance with the still alive blue team, planning to deny the yellow team of winning all 3 rounds in the event. Unfortunately, the blue teams Agratis fell before the attack could be made. The event was judged by Shadowfire and the pirate judge Stinkfist who, to everyones surprise, judged a fair event. Players that participated, the clans they represented, and the scoring of the event is listed below.

--Yellow Team- Players: Wormtongue, Cecil, Gremlins, Megami, Cinnamon, Cammie, Gorvin, Kani, Org Du Lac, Blackhole

Clans represented: Maximum Rankage, Sun Dragon Clan, Fenix Fire, Red Quill, Safari


--Blue Team- Players: Achates, Torin, Noivad, Kalian, Trowl, Alexa, Polgara, Ackkbar, Salazar, Magnic.

Clans represented: Order of the White Elephant, Llehn ryn Rhav'tsath, TRAP, Black Phoenix.


--Red Team- Players: Suu'ub III, Nyla, Killian, Tafari, Azel, Lightbringer, Moggle, Aridor, FourWinged, Leinis

Clans represented: Neko No Kessha.

  • Dun'ilsar Scoreboard (1 event)**

(Place) --(Score)

|1|---------(3) Sun Dragon Clan

|1|---------(3) Maximum Rankage

|1|---------(3) Red Quill

|1|---------(3) Fenix Fire

|1|---------(3) Safari

|2|---------(2) Order of the White Elephant

|2|---------(2) Llehn ryn Rav'tsath

|2|---------(2) TRAP

|2|---------(2) Black Phoenix

|3|---------(1) E'las Loth'mon Ferindril

|3|---------(1) Neko No Kessha

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