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An intelligent Lyfelidae that once resided in the caverns beneath Kizmia's Isle. Groar! is the brother to Rowl, and until Rowl's death, he guarded the jewel embedded in the massive Lyfelidae statue beneath the island. The cavern of the jewel served as his hiding place, and here he slept for the many moons until the death of the ever-hungry Rowl. Now Groar! wanders the surface of the island, no longer needing to hide himself and the jewel from the gaze of Rowl.

According to a piece of cryptic poetry sold to exiles by Fat Alice, Groar! is peaceful of intent, but despite (or perhaps because of) the wisdom he is said to have, he has not communicated by words or actions with those who have encountered him.

When Kizmia's Island was a fresh sight to the eyes of exiles, Groar! would sometimes answer the prayers of those infected with Lyfelidaeism. Groar! was the last of the same litter in which Rowl was the first. Though Rowl devoured the middle siblings, Groar! escaped too swiftly and cleverly to be caught. Rowl, and likely Groar! by association, is known to have power over the packs of Lyfelidae. It is speculated that they may be regional gods.

A scroll by Talin in the library says, "Fat Alice once told us that he is looking for his sweetheart Kizmia, but can't find the way to her." And Fat Alice indeed put it best with these words: "Now we 'ave to see what Groar does now 'is brother aint around." Although the threat of his greedy sibling has been resolved, it seems that the story of Groar! is not yet over.

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