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The third-born 'brion brother. Like his brothers, Lugubrion resembles a sylvan with pitch black skin, and is distinguished by his dark blue hair. Interactions with him thus far suggest he is a hermitic sort, generally wishing to be left alone to attend to his experiments. Lugubrion specializes in water magic, and his zodiac sign is Shaer the Healer.

Despite seeming to be misanthropic, Lugubrion has advised exiles in the placement and repair of kyuems. His interaction with exiles has even seen some friendliness and admiration, demonstrated most sincerely when he gave Phroon a tour of his rainy Keep. Unless necessity dictates, his attitude towards exiles has been to keep a distance. He has stated on numerous occasions that his brothers have meddled and dealt far too extensively with Puddleby.

There are many Sarir at Lugubrion's Keep and he refuses to teach them about the Ethereal Plane and recommends exiles not to instruct them on it as well.

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