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Razz is of the People, is male, is a Champion, and is wearing the symbol of Hunter.

Razz has spent many years refining and perfecting his use of the Fell Blade and is beginning to become very proficent with Champion earth minerals.

Razz has never discussed his past, and is adamant that his past simply doesn't exist, that memories are nothing more than dreams. This 'live for the moment' attitude tends to leave Razz in very dangerous situations.

"But this ended horribly last time!"

Razz exclaims, "This isn't last time. Everyone in!"

Razz says, "Oops."

Razz has seen many clans come and go, including founding the Hokuten Knights and being an active member in Black Unicorn, Lords of the Wamphyrii, and a brief time with Maximum Rankage. Razz is currently a member of Clan Hunter. Razz is also affiliated with the Pirates of the Lok'Groton and is head of a small order of Knights known as The Order of Claret?.

He can often be found scouring the passes for ore to donate to Champion questors. The rest of his time is spent falling amidst the likes of Clan Hunter, Daimoth and his crew or anyone else who offers to let him tag along.

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