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Rowl was a powerful lyfelidae that briefly terrorized Kizmia's Island in the year 554. He was the brother of Groar!.

Unlike other Lyfelidae, he remained in the same form both the day and night. Rowl's strength fluctuated with the number of diseased exiles in the lands. The more lyfed, the stronger Rowl would become, both in physical form and in what some may describe as magical powers - the ability to summon massive hordes of lyfelidae, and the ability to infect injured exiles, even those wearing catsbane necklaces. As Rowl's power grew, so did the threshold for this ability. At first he could only infect severely injured exiles, but was able to move on to the less injured in time.

Those who fought with Rowl described him as very intelligent, greatly difficult to hit and able to land powerful blows, felling most exiles in a single hit. He would delay attempts on his life with spawns of lyfelidae, from behind which he would make his getaway. His presence was often indicated by unusual spawns of lyfelidae.

As Rowl grew stronger, the more nervous Groar! became. At last Groar! fled the caves from fear, leaving the gem he had been guarding unprotected. During a full moon, Rowl came to Groar!'s hiding spot and stole the gem from the statue's forehead, presumably a bid to make him more powerful.

Rowl was eventually slain by a large party of exiles after excessive summoning of Lyfelidae had weakened him. Lister was the one to pick up Groar!'s gem, dropped at the moment of Rowl's death. Upon replacing the gem back to its rightful place, a feeling of health and peace spread throughout the room where the statue stands.

Although he is now slain, his presence had a great effect on the island, some of which lasts to this day. Sometime during his reign on Kizmia's Island the cove was blocked off and the rocks protecting Umbrion's Keep destroyed. And ever since his death deadly earthquakes have plagued the island, bringing rocks and ice down on those who aren't quick enough to escape.

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