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In order to bring the light of the zodiac to bear on the mysteries of the islands of Lok' Groton, Helios gathered together exiles to found the order Astrum Lumini.

In the year 574, the Order began its efforts on Metzetli Island. Rumors abound of progress being made. However, due to the strict adherence to secrecy from members of the group, little knowledge of this progress is publicly available.

Current members of Astrum Lumini are rumored to include: Althea, Crunch, Daimoth, Gil-Galad, Gorvin, Helios, Kalian, Kerrah, Largo, Lorikeet, Org du Lac, Rakshasa, Stinkfist and Theo.

Other exiles who have had an impact on Astrum Lumini's expeditions include: Afrit, Bulgatra, Califas, Diotima, Doctor X, Mehan, Mephisto, Naferu, Phiros, Sala Dragon, Savior, Snowblind, Xel, as well as countless others.

Astrum Lumini is also a clan of Puddleby. It was founded in the Year 573.

The clan's only known member is Helios.

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