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Bursting uses an advanced version of the Caduceus, called a Mercurial Staff, or a variant of the Asklepian, called the Asklepian Staff, to instantaneously drain the healer's spirit in exchange for a quick burst of healing energy to the wounded exile touched by the staff. The amount of health given in a burst increases with the recipient's training with Rodnus, Master Spirtus or Sprite, and the bursting healer's Sespus training. Since all the healing energy is transmitted in a moment, the healer's Faustus training is not a factor in the healing rate. A Burster needs at least 50% spirit in order to heal in this manner. Bursting a given amount of Histia/Higgrus uses more of a healer's spirit than providing the same healing over time with Moonstone or Caduceus, in exchange for its remarkable speed. Bursting can be used to great advantage in tandem with a Moonstone or with Cadding by a healer with sufficiently high Respia training. One downside to Burst tools is that a healer inadvertently touching an unintended wounded exile will lose healing spirit, so care is need when holding these tools. Bursting can be invaluable in situations where a quick increase in health or a quick raise of the target exile is necessary; however, raising a fallen with a burst will usually result in a "death freeze" in which the person can't move right away, so care must be taken to ensure the fallen will not fall again.

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