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All new healers need to touch their target with the Moonstone in order to heal. At Third Circle Proximus offers to teach the skill of Distance Healing. A modest investment is required to begin to have a practical effect at the skill. Two new items, the Caduceus (at Third Circle) and the Mercurial Staff (at Fourth Circle) can be used to heal from a distance. The skill is generally referred to as "Cadding" regardless of which tool is used. The use of the Moonstone is not altered by training with Proximus. Conversely, none of the Cadding tools can be used to self heal, leading distance healing specialists to also often acquire a Sylphstone Ring. A more recent innovation is the Area Healing of multiple exiles using a further refinement of Caduceus technology, the Asklepian and Asklepian Staff.

Distance Healing can provide a great tactical advantage. Healer and target no longer need to stand still and hold hands. Both the attack and the retreat of combat is supported with Cadding.

Cadding is considered a specialty, and the basis for a potential Healer Subclass.

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