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With most healer tools, a healer can heal only a single exile at a time. With the Mercurial Staff, a healer can, for a moment, heal two individuals by Cadding one and Bursting the second, but both healing events are terminated by the loss of all of the Healer's spirit.

In Year 571, Elaph Sisima, Rady Ann and Chiron emerged from their workshop in the Healer Temple to announce their successful integration of the power of the Selenite Crystal into the Asklepian and Asklepian Staff to allow healing of multiple targets at once. This ability to split healing energy comes at the cost of healing each target more slowly compared to healing one target more quickly. The Asklepian and Asklepian Staff are available to healers who have passed the Fourth circle test, and who have trained with Radium, or with much lower efficiency, with Proximus. While the Asklepian allows Area healing, the Asklepian Staff also allows bursting by touching a wounded exile (much like a Mercurial Staff).

Area Healing can provide a great tactical advantage. Rather than healing a single individual at a time in a group with many wounded individuals, a healer can split healing energy among the many targets within range to support an entire group. Both the attack and the retreat of combat is supported with Area Healing, as is healing at a stationary front as during an invasion.

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