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Fishylish is a Human, is Female, is a Fighter, and is wearing the symbol of TRAP.

Her real name is actually, truly Fishylish. She was born in a fishing village where Thoom and Humans lived in peaceful harmony, and her goodhearted (if a bit simple) parents thought the name to be a fine one. Since Thooms have a penchant for strange, fish-related names, she never suspected it was odd until the day of her exile...and then it was far too late.

In her home village she was considered an excellent cook, but upon reaching Puddleby found they had different standards there. Zeucros still won't let her near an oven, but she has happily fulfilled Bruia Stout's harsh standards and can now brew all manner of Puddlebean alcohol. Her grand hope is to open a pub someday and overthrow Chef Haricot's monoply on Puddleby's cuisine scene.

Among her favorite creatures are ona chiggers and Lyfelidae. Among her least favorite are spriggins.

She recently helped found TRAP along with Salazar, Ackkbar, Nuniel and Chex. Her previous clan was the Sect of the Rising Fenix, which quietly died out in the following years after its founding. Despite being Clan Huntsmistress of TRAP, she prefers to lounge around in town and drink most of the time.

She is engaged to Salazar, nulling a previous marriage to Chris Rex, Connie Crete and Wobble.

Fishy plans to become a Ranger in the near future.


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