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Saurian, (wyrms) belong to the family saurischia. The common name is sometimes confused with wurms.

Wyrms are a warm-blooded species that can be found in the lands about the Lok Groton. Wyrms are known to exist in the west, although are scarce due to poaching. Rumors and unsubstantiated reports tell of many wyrms to be found in the far unexplored east. Some varieties of wyrm are said to range from a half, to ten meters tall. Recent studies give strong evidence to support placing these creatures outside the realm of reptiles. Their internal and external features are far more like their apparent cousins, the scavanger-birds or agronox, than that of the herpetid or rockodile.

Several varieties can be found within the Lok'Groton island chain: the small and quick variety of raptorials, the larger quadriped-allosaurids, and the bipedial oviraptors. All are extremely dangerous, and should only be approached by parties of experienced exiles.

Raptorial Saurischia

Allosaurid Saurischia (Wyrms)

Marine Saurischia

Oviraptor Saurischia

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