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T'rools are stocky, snub-nosed humanoids with large tusks. They are generally found in an area known as the Southern Brambles, which lies to the south of the South Forest. Stronger 'Kin have laid claim to a Mountain Glen, which they call "Trool Land", and vigorously attack any trespassers. T'rools vary in strength depending on their type, but one characteristic common to their species is their quick regenerative ability.

T'rools are fairly intelligent, and live in roughly constructed huts, and some can even speak the common tongue. T'rools are also known for their aptitude at mining, and the T'rools of Puddleby operate two of the most lucrative iron mines on the island.

T'rools have little love for exiles, and occaisionally conduct raids against Puddleby. For a time, they even formed an alliance with the wizard Qual and his Noths, though that relationship seems to have crumbled with the defeat of Qual.

The weakest and most common type of T'rool is known simply as the t'rool. Though almost all t'rools do not speak common, they will often mimic the speech of exiles, which has been known to lead to amusing situations and "conversations".

Other types of T'rool-kin include:

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