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Champions are the earth-earth Fighter subclass, known for their unsurpassed combat expertise and weapon mastery. Said to make good leaders, Champions' main strength is their ultimate adaptability to any given situation through a variety of tools and a strong understanding of traditional fighter training. They can also wear even the heaviest armors without being encumbered.

Toomeria teaches Champions to draw power from the earth itself. This earth power can, in turn, be channeled into an assortment of specialized equipment, including the Stone Girdle, the Lava Cloak, and the four Earth Minerals. Earth power can also be used to operate a Shieldstone. Finally, two of Puddleby's most esteemed trainers, Erthron and Forvyola, refuse to teach anyone who is not a Champion.

In order to be accepted into the Champion hall, one must be at least a third circle fighter, have the required Fell Blade training, and recover an Earthstone from a lump of iron ore.

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