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The Healers Guild is organized in a hierarchical fashion into "circles". New healers are members of the First Circle. A higher circle is attained by passing a Healer Circle Test located in a wing of the Healers Guild. There are currently Eight circles within the Healers Guild, with each new circle bringing some new benefits, such as distinctive clothing, more sophisticated healing tools (Sylphstone Ring, Caduceus, Mercurial Staff, Asklepian, Asklepian Staff), access to advanced Trainers, and the Purgatory Pendant.

In each test, after Glory falls, a defined mix of beasts is released into the small arena, and one must raise her and survive within a prescribed time limit (approximately 2 minutes). A healer may use not just Moonstone and training, but also fast feet, Troilus training and skill in utilizing the few barriers in the test arena to avoid the many foes and complete the healing process. Potions do not function in the test arena, nor does any healing device more advanced than the Moonstone.

The Second Circle test consists of two Large Vermine and two Giant Vermine.

The Third Circle test consists of a Greymyr and three Night Wendecka.

The Fourth Circle test consists of two Bolok Cougars and two Savannah Maha.

The Fifth Circle test consists of two Blue Arachnoids, a Green Arachnoid, and an Olive Arachnoid.

The Sixth Circle test consists of four Snow Ferals, two Polar Bears, and two Ice Maha Ruknee.

The Seventh Circle test consists of a Spriggin, two Giant Foxweir, a Redwood Giant, and an Ironwood Giant. There is a list of those few who have passed to become Seventh Circle Healers.

The Eighth Circle test consists of four Fire Beetles and four Lava Walkers. See the list of people who have passed the test to become Eighth Circle Healers.

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