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Highly-charged electric energy, often harnessed as attack magic within the isles of the Lok'Groton.

The most notable wielders of lightning are the Orga, who have many known spellcasters casting lightning of several types. Orga lightning is typically red in colour, and can be categorized by the thickness of bolt as well as the behaviour.

The three behaviours of lightning are as follows:

  • Normal lighning is fired towards a single target, and after striking that target (or the target crossing sn'ells to avoid it), it dissipates.
  • Chain lightning is fired towards a single target, but when it reaches the target, it will jump to any other nearby targets and deal them damage as well. It dissipates much like normal lightning.
  • Star lightning (also referred to as "grenade," "bomb," or "mine") lightning, is fired towards a target, but upon arrival, it gathers power at that hotpoint, then radiates out bolts from that point towards any nearby exiles. It repeats this process, sending out several waves of bolts before dissipating.

The Noths of Dal'Noth Isle also wield lightning, although only in the most direct, rudimentary form. They fire thick, yellow bolts.

Ethereal Golems and Ethereal Clouds fire thin blue bolts of lightning, similar in appearance to those used defensively by Teslas. Lesser Astral Drakes fire a weaker rendition of these same bolts which spreads much like Orga chain-lightning.

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