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York is of The People, is male, is a seventh circle Fighter, and is wearing the symbol of Tiger Moth. The patriarch of his former clan? swiftly gave York the boot upon realizing that his membership badge was a forgery.

On Winter 66th of the year 572, York lost his right eye in a tragic accident involving several orga, a pregnant rat, a scavenger bird, and a snarky arachne. He now wears a rad looking patch that Althea gave him, and finds that his depth perception is somewhat lacking.

Not the sort to be deterred by petty things like reality, York makes up in enthusiasm what he lacks in ability. He aspires to be a prize-winning archer despite his vision problems, and complete illiteracy has not stopped him from actively maintaining a journal.

Though York was once a Champion whose training favored Earth Minerals, he renounced the subclass after decidinh that "it sucked". He is now on the path to becoming a Ranger, despite the fact that he dislikes the Gossamer's flimsy appearance.

Portrait by Kisa

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