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Fighters who've reached at least the third circle can qualify for specialty weapons. These are the FellBlade, Gossamer, and Bloodblade.

Fighters who wish to obtain a specialty weapon must first qualify for it by fighting in the style of the blade, then purchasing the blade from Smythus for 5000 coins.

Once a fighter has obtained a specialty weapon, they can train in it to better master the powers of the blade. This training decays over time, giving fighters a chance to try out a blade, without fully committing to it.

Fighters who wish to fully plunge into the fighting style of a blade can do so by joining one of the three fighter subclasses. Each subclass has a corresponding blade-- the fellblade for Champions, the gossamer for Rangers, and the bloodblade for Bloodmages. Once a fighter has joined a subclass, their training in their chosen blade stops decaying, and they can acquire other subclass related abilities.

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