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Creed is of the People, is female, is a Healer (currently 5th circle), and is a member of Order of the White Elephant. She has famously befriended a wild pony, and was recently engaged to Relkin.

She has studied alchemy and has the ability to make potions of energy, red healing potions, red healing salves, and tykan healing potions. She can also make Purple Antivenom, Green Antivenom and Yellow Antivenom.

Creed has completed pathfinding studies to the fullest extent of Trillbane's knowledge that is currently understood. She speaks Common and Halfling as well as the Fen language.

Creed was chosen as a squire by Sir Altir and, after fulfilling the quest he set for her, was inducted as a Companion of the Shield of the Order of True and Gentle Knighthood.

Her closest friends outside of her clan include Klio, Yharren, Fiona, Shiner, Gremlins, Connie Crete, Pun'isher, Eirian Caldwell, Leggo, Cara?, Tip'ii, Donk, Yosaku, Relkin, Ragin' Cajun, Hunk, Geotzou and many more!

She misses Milan, Claudia and Bonk and always hopes to see them again one day in the lands. She also misses her original clanmates from Clan Destine.

Creed can often be found in between hunts either chatting with Klio or farming kudzu. She is the head of the Creed Cooperative, which supplies Creed™ brand zu to members of the Pitch Assault Group and other elite exiles.

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