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Hex is a Sylvan, is male, is a Healer, and is wearing the symbol of Bane of the Black Heart.

Hex arrived in Puddleby not long after the famous ripture wars, waking up unconscious on beach as thousands before him had. Finding himself without a sense of where or even who he was, Hex took up the name branded on his left shoulder, alongside a very deep pentacle scar. To this day, he has very little knowledge or leads as to where he came from, and when memories do arise it seems best for his health that he forgets them.

Hex began his studies as healer, with much emphasis on warrior abilities and physical strength. However, as time passed, many of his own trainers argued against this method, explaining that there was little more they could teach him, with the exception being Higgrus.

Not long after becoming a healer, Hex met and became close to a sister of the Nox Sorora, Lorian. This short encounter progressed as he began to learn much of the sister's studies and beliefs. However, weeks passed without seeing Lorian, until Hex was ultimately confronted by Indigo and learned of Lorian's death. Hex has since been connected to Indigo and is occasionally seen wearing a copper pendant of the Gens Dea. There is confusion as to whether Hex serves as a Gens Dea under the Priestess Indigo or Ayella, though Hex quickly shoots down any suggestion that he is even involved with the Nox Sorora.

For some time, Hex was bethrothed to the talented and beautiful sylvan fighter and bard Ayella. Plans were well underway for their marriage until Hex disappeared, determined to uncover more clues as to where he came from and who he orignally was. He came back beaten and broken a year later, discovering nothing of who he was, and finding himself in a very difficult situation with Ayella and Sareth, ultimately ending with Ayella's entrance into the Nox Sorora sisterhood as a Priestess. While this initally dropped Hex into a deep depression, he eventually pulled through and is now remains close to Ayella, if only as a friend.

Hex continued his healer studies, eventually aquiring a Training Ledger in Higgrus. Since then, Hex has rethought his warrior-healer training and set in the direction of healing speed and managing spirit, typical concerns of most healers. Other venues in which Hex has aquired much skill include a training ledger in the old languages of each race, as well as a professional degree in Alchemical arts.

Hex has progressed through a few clans in his time in Puddleby, including Lords of the Wamphyrii, the Black Unicorn, and most recently Bane of the Black Heart. Known to most simply as "Bane," the clan strives to put an end to the Darshak though any means possible. Hex seems to have built a very strong hatred toward the Darshak for reasons related to his association with the Nox Sorora.

Presently, Hex may be found just about anywhere on the Lok'groton islands, either hunting with young exiles close to Puddleby or traveling with experienced exiles discovering new lands and furthering his studies in the healing arts.

Despite never truly knowing where he came from, or even what his orignal name was, Hex has grown to accept Puddleby as his home as well as the person he is now -- even though it began only has a burn on his shoulder.

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