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Largo is of the People, is male, is a Former Fen President, and is wearing the symbol of The Circle of the Wild Geese.

Beautiful, charismatic, and sartorially inclined, Largo is a mainstay of Puddlebean society who gets along happily with exiles of all kinds. He speaks rarely and reluctantly about his life before Puddleby, but public record indicates that he was exiled on charges of assaulting one of Mobius' inquisitors.

Though he is also an Actor and a Champion, Largo is best known for his forays into politics. He served famously under Manx as the first known Fen Vice President, and was voted into office himself in the year 573. He claims that his presidency marked a golden age in Puddlebean affairs, offering as evidence that both Castle Alliance and a paved road to the University of Puddleby were completed under his leadership, as well as claiming that foreign affairs and endeavors of exploration flourished. He acts confused, or perhaps genuinely is confused, when people say the word 'correlation' in front of him.

Regardless of its quality, however, Largo's storied tenure as Fen President concluded in the year 621. Returning from a very long absence, he found that his approval rating was deep underwater and promptly resigned in order to ensure a peaceful transition of power get everyone to be nice to him again foster new leadership in Puddleby.

He was once married to Eil'Daen? and Boo Boo Kitty.

A former member of Bane of the Black Heart, Largo is staunchly opposed to the Dar'shak Theocracy on the basis of their slaving operations, dark magic, and longstanding conflict with his friends, the remnant Priestesses and Gens Dea of the Nox Sorora. He used his authority as Fen President to support Tyris Drakesblood? and his rebels? in the early stages of their rebellion, and has continued to aid their efforts even after his resignation.

Largo has his detractors. Certain pathological cranks seem to find Largo's dogged commitment to self-enhancement abrasive, while others are just plain mean. However, the fen's disarming attitude, charmingly foppish wardrobe, and dreamy hazel eyes make him a difficult target for sustained and effective criticism.

Newspaper Clipping from Thoomcare; Portrait by Hoggle

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