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Largo is of the People, is male, is Fen President, and is wearing the symbol of Bane of the Black Heart.

Brilliant, charismatic, and blessed with a striking sense of fashion, Largo has a talented paw in everything from fighting, to acting to politics. Though he left briefly for the mainland some years back, Largo staged his triumphant return to Puddleby in Spring of 572. Since then, he has remained closely integrated with Puddlebean society.

Largo is best known for his brilliant leadership skills. He served famously under Manx as the first known Fen Vice President, and was voted into office himself in the year 573. His presidency has marked a golden age in Puddlebean affairs. Over the course of the Largocratic regime, Castle Alliance and a paved road to the University of Puddleby have both been constructed. Foreign affairs have also flourished Largo is a staunch supporter of negotiation with the Dar'shak Rebels?, and has worked closely with Tyris Drakesblood? and his emissaries for many years.

Due to the Lok'Groton's overall state of anarchy, Largo is not universally embraced in his leadership. However, his disarming attitude, charmingly foppish wardrobe, dreamy hazel eyes, lustrous dark hair, and silver tongue have combined to made him a favorite of intelligent and reasonable peoples across Puddleby. Detractors are rarely taken seriously.

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