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Teleporting is a very difficult skill which can be mastered only by Full Mystics. Two modes of teleporting are known: short hops within a single snell using a Spriggin Stick, and larger jumps between potentially very distant snells using a Strange Looking Stone.

In order to teleport, a mystic must first obtain a Spriggin Stick or Strange Looking Stone. Little is known about the Spriggin Stick, beyond its apparently limited range and limited carrying capacity. In contrast, the Strange Looking Stone is relatively well-known, since it must be obtained from the Orga Magician during a Full Moon Orga Camp Raid involving massed exiles.

The mystic can use the stone to mark an area, and can then teleport to that area at a future time by using the stone.

A mystic can also use the stone to teleport up to five other exiles (all of whom must be cross-shared with the mystic). However, the difficulty of teleporting increases with the number of exiles a mystic teleports (along with the distance teleported), and can lead to the destruction of the stone.

While a mystic is typically limited to teleporting only five additional exiles, there are special locations known as teleportation boosters in the Pitch Caves and Slate Caves that can increase the number of share-linked people a mystic can teleport by five-fold.

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