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Note that there have been at least two Puddleby residents by the name of Skirwan, both a male Ghorak Zo and a female Thoom. Further, if various statements by the male Ghorak Zo Skirwan are taken at face value there are at least two male Ghorak Zo Skirwans and perhaps as many as four, though it is difficult to evaluate the truth of these statements given the male Ghorak Zo Skirwan's notoriously poor counting skills and his propensity for valuing humor over accuracy. In any event, this article refers to the male Ghorak Zo Skirwan. For information about the female Thoom Skirwan, please read here.

A male Ghorak Zo originally from a small town in the vicinity of Mountains Reach; exiled for an altercation with the Ascendancy's peacekeepers prompted by an ill-advised attempt to defend his sister Mehan's hairstyle. Became a Fighter shortly after arriving in Puddleby, after discovering that Mysticism requires an ability to focus that he simply doesn't pos... hey, look at that shiny thing!

Known for his tendency to dance at nearly any excuse; christened "The Jigging Zo" by the Gods in the pre-Ripture days. Early proponent of Zo pride; created one of the earliest Zo culture webscrolls (the now defunct Zo Central), and wrote the initial draft of the official Zo History scrolls before they were ruine... err, taken over -- by Worg.

Among the first non-Sylvans to aquire a Bloodblade from the mysterious Nacerus. A founding member of the Nacerean Order and one of the earlier Bloodmages.

Appeared to have died under mysterious circumstances in Winter 545 - his skinned corpse was discovered in the badlands of Thieves Island amidst a substantial pool of blood, with the brain extracted in an almost surgical fashion. Despite thorough investigation by the Dwarven Militia, his death was never fully explained. Also as-of-yet unexplained is his return to the lands of the living in Summer 557. His general response to any inquiries on the subject is to mumble incoherently before changing the subject.

Skiwan is a deputy of the Puddleby Police Department. He was appointed Forensic Grammatician by Sheriff Noivad.

Knighted by Sir Hellraiser in Spring 558, becoming Sir Skirwan, Lord of the Jig of the Prophets of the Leporine Mandate?.

Brother to Mehan. Cousin to Zurwan?. Roommate of Dorian. Caretaker of Stylunk. Member of the Dwarven Militia and Purple Haze.

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