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Slyph is a Sylvan, is female, is a Healer, and is wearing the symbol of the Dwarven Militia.

Slyph teaches Respia, Awaria, and six languages.

Slyph has been the clan lord of Clan Foxy, the mother of Nita Lee, clan lord of the Red Quill, Vagile Savane's slave, an ex-wife (only a few times), a squire, a knight, a member of the Puddlebean Ornithological Society, lead singer for the Slyphonics, a member of the Puddleby Task Force?, a member of Outcast's Liberation Army, the clan lord of the Temple of the Moon, a dancer, Althea's main squeeze, Bones' main squeeze, Naval Captain, clan lord of the Laughing Academy (for 40 minutes), a member of CoNGA, and a member of the Dwarven Militia—and those are just the nice names.

Slyph was exiled to the Lok'Groton Archipelago in the year 533, when she was 15.

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