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Presumed to be, "an alternative plane of existence?".

The earliest references to the Land of Shadow appear in the Creation Myths shared by the many peoples of Shan Deral. It is said to be, "a place where Light is Dark, and Dark is Light," from whence the Moon's Children stole a piece of that land's glowing moon, bringing with it a 'shadowy light?' of strange power.

Some academics have asserted that the Greater Undine originally come from the Land of Shadow.

Other traditions, including some stories preserved and shared by Tenebrion, speak of beings from the Land of Shadow waging a great war "to gain dominion over the Light"; these beings and their insatiable egos were only stopped by brightest of the Ancients, and with the Moon's assistance.

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The Land of Shadows in Ancient History

Exploration of the Eastern Mountains of Puddleby Island has revealed numerous Triangle Plinths inscribed with messages written in the Ancient Language. Many of these messages tell the story of the Ancient civilization that once thrived on Puddleby Island, and may provide the historical basis for these myths.

  • The messages in the Windweft Ice Cave? appear to tell the story of the Ancients' first interaction with the Land of Shadow; they tell of a waxing and waning light, of the Ancient mystics constructing a gate to bridge to an 'other place', and of their amazement as their light strengthened and became as bright as the Sun.
  • Plinths hidden behind a waterfall on Foghaven Mountain? speak of Mataline's visit to the Land of Shadows, her discovery of the 'shadowy light?', and her return to this plane with a 'piece' of that light.
  • A statue in the Shadowspring Citadel? bears the title or caption 'Shadows Warred Upon the Ancients' and appears to show a many-tentacled horror emerging from a rift of portal to attack a warrior.
  • Conversations with Pelaegia? (an apparent survivor of the cataclysm? that largely ended Ancient civilization) seem to confirm many of these stories.

Taken together, there is mounting historical evidence that the mythological Land of Shadow is indeed a real place, home to beings or forces that once made war upon the Ancients. Further, it is likely that these Shadows may still pose a threat to the denizens of Puddleby Island, the the greater Lok'Grotons and perhaps the world.

The translations above of Ancient Language phrases were produced by the Puddleby Secrets Alliance?.

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