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An immense family of invertebrate animals, typically possessing six legs and often wings. All insects have exposed mouthparts and a jointed exoskeleton. Most insects hatch from eggs.


The largest family of insects, beetles are characterised by wing-sheaths and a particularly hard exoskeleton. Not all beetles are able to fly, but all have wings. Though there are many varieties of beetle, few are of dangerous nature. Most of those that are come from the Scarab beetle family. Beetles lay eggs, which hatch into larvae (commonly known as grubs) before making their metamorphosis into their adult form.


Blymoids are squat, insect-like creatures that can be found in Melabrion's Mines. They resemble beetles in appearance, with hard carapaces and sharp mandibles, but they walk upright on two legs. Blymoids come in several varieties and vary in strength, though they should not pose a challenge to all but the most inexperienced of exiles. Blymoids are best known for the pig-like grunts that they make when struck.


Giant ant-like creatures, Myrm dig large tunnel networks beneath the surface of the Lok'Groton. Sometimes the myrms' mandibles are worth money to traders, and you can receive coins for unbroken specimens.


The scarmis are a species of massive, tunneling insects. They burrow deep into the ground and have made nests on both Ash Island and Kizmia's Island. On several occasions they have dug tunnels beneath the ocean and infested the Myrm Catacombs near Puddleby. Scarmis have prized mandibles that can often be extracted by a skilled dentist.

Individuals can usually be identified within the hive's hierarchy by their shoulder horns, with the queen having the most elongated and elaborate. Differing hives have been known to have unique horn patterns according to region. Competing hives; or Imperial colonies; within close proximity quickly become each other's targets for gory campaigns of genocide. The fighting can rage for weeks depending on the local availability of food, till one or the other weakens and falls.

In the year 1947 B.E during an annual harvest feast, under a particularly heavy show of falling stars, it was said that the scarmis were first encountered. This was outside a now long gone farming community. As depicted in the opera "Gregory's Abyss," one of the falling stars was said to have dropped into a nearby stone quarry and from then on scarmis have walked the face of Gaia. A few dwarves who survived reported a queen larger than any seen today, or probably ever will. Her immense hive was later burned out by Imperial forces in the year 5484, and now serves as a looming fortress for the Regional Guard.

Other Families

There are many families of insects, some of which only have a few species of danger to the traveller.


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